Feb 26, 2021

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Announcement on the official launch of Vswap
2021–01–29 11:35
Announcement on the official launch of vswap
Dear vswap users

Vswap is an on chain token exchange protocol initiated by Mandalore development group. We hope to gain something in the field of Multi Chain decentralized exchange, and promote the implementation and application of defi project in different public chains and different scenarios. We are pleased to announce that vswap will be oKlcially launched from now on, and thank the users and participants from all over the world.

The total number of vaswap’s only token is 32.2 million, and the distribution rules are as follows:

41.6% of them were used for mining after the launch of swap and its exchange network, and 48.4% were used for registration incentive activities, community promotion activities, global developers, trading and pledge mining. 10% for ecological construction and team motivation.

1 . Registration award 1 .2 million val

If you register with vswap, you will get 1 Val, and the total reward for registration is 1.2 million Val, until you finish.

2. Free computing power 4.20 million val

Each registered account will be presented with one miner, standard computing power and val standard computing power.

It runs automatically for 24 hours, and stops after 24 hours. You need to click the “collect” button every day to collect the income once. After receiving the income, the mining program will be started automatically.

The starting daily (24 hours) of each standard computing power of users is 0.2 Val, the first week is 1.4, and the weekly production is reduced by 5%

Capacity table

The total life cycle yield of each “standard computing power” is 14 val.

The standard calculation share is reserved for 420W Val until the excavation is completed.

The miner starts to run on the day of registration and stops automatically every 24 hours. The system allows free miner users to sign in and collect revenue every 24 hours, and the time interval of each collection should be greater than or equal to 24 hours. If the miner fails to sign in after 24 hours, the miner output will automatically stop waiting for activation.

3. Promotion Award 1 .5 million val

Valid users registered with the invitation code will receive promotion rewards.

Direct recommendation: promoters get 5% of the total amount of lower level mining.

Indirect recommendation: promoter a obtained 2% of the total amount of secondary mining.

The total amount of promotion reward is 1.5 million Val, until it is finished.

4. Mandalo global developer bonus 2.70 million val

The Valkyrie swap project attracts developers from all over the world, and these defi enthusiasts will develop and promote smart contracts in the vswap ecosystem. Valkyrie swap provides a rating system and reward system for the developer community to ensure that every line of code gets a token reward. All reward items will be released globally through the developer community and website. Mandalo project code is open source, each developer can contribute from all over the world, and participate in the evaluation task. This new form of cooperation will give the developer community the greatest freedom and return. The total developer bonus for mandalo is 2.70 million val.

5. 10.18 million Val for mobile mining on vswap blockchain

The swap transaction pool is used for the mobile mining reward of swap after the main network goes online, and it is locked in the public address in the early stage. After vswap goes online, all Val tokens will be mapped to Val saved on the blockchain. The total number of ncentive tokens for mobile mining is lO.18 million val.

6. Development team incentive 3.22 million

The core development team is encouraged to conduct monthly linear unlocking on the second anniversary of the launch of the vswap main network.

In the next stage, we will publish the rules of basic computing power exchange pool and pledge pool reward. Please look forward to it!

In the process of running, you can give us any suggestions or questions by email. OKlcial unique email address: support@vswap.cc

Vswap team

January 29, 2021